farmAR is a pioneering idea that uses an augmented reality app based on satellite imagery.

farmAR puts information about land and crops directly onto the farmer’s mobile display. Farmers in the field can access all the relevant information that is normally invisible to the naked eye. On site, they can efficiently and effectively decide how to save time and reducing unnecessary chemical usage. Plants become healthier and soil becomes richer.

A farmer wants to spend time in his field, not in his office looking at 2D maps he cannot relate to his crops. Yet even in the field, he cannot always see what’s going on; if growth is consistent across all plots, if areas are too dry or too wet, if there is enough nitrogen for the plant to grow.


The farmAR app adds an extra information layer to the camera of his mobile phone, showing geoTags with information and location. Upon his request, the geoTags are automatically created from satellite images. This allows him to act quickly and more precisely, using input only where and when needed.


As result, he increases crop yield, optimises inputs and improves profitability while contributing to a more sustainable agriculture.

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